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Solar Star provides you with a comprehensive solution to your solar energy requirements.

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About Us

Solar Star was established with the purpose of helping Australian families, communities and businesses save on their energy bills today and secure a green tomorrow for their loved ones. We are committed to providing you with solar energy, a smart alternative, for a better today and a greener tomorrow!


Our founders, Balu Banker and Sandeep Ghojage, are qualified solar experts who started Solar Star with the urge of providing a comprehensive service to guide clients right from the beginning to the end for an optimal solar solution tailored just for their needs. Their journey to provide you with this comprehensive service, has now made Solar Star a team of skilled and experienced workforce and solar experts.


That is why, not only does Solar Star help you make the best decision based on your individual needs and provide you with a hassle free solar system installation, we also help you maintain the solar system.


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Why Choose Us?

Hassle Free installation

Our skilled workforce and solar experts demonstrate a high level of competence to make the solar installation process hassle free.

Skilled Workforce

Solar Star has assembled a team of skilled and experienced installers to provide you with an efficient service.

Solar Experts

Our solar experts are trained and qualified to serve the best interest of our clients.

Tailored just for you

Our solar experts guide you to an optimal solar solution for your requirements.

Best Value Service

Our solar specialists provide you with a hassle free installation service for a solar solution tailored just for you.

Product Accreditation

All the panels and products supplied by us are approved by the Clean Energy Council and meet Australian Standards.

Energy Cost Reduction

Save on your quarterly energy costs and surpass your investment in as little as 3 years.

Health Check

Our services don’t end after the installation, we also provide you with a free health check for your system after a month.

Happy Clients